Senses sensing sense

ONSDAG 18 september, kl: 18.00-20.00
Plats: Samling i Bagarmossens Folkets Hus, foajén, därefter hemma hos Zoë. Mat ingår.

Come to my house.
Come lie on my floor.
Come lounge on my couch.
Come listen to your insides and your outsides. Come turn a sensation into word, a touch into narrative, some interiority into landscape.
Come turn a sound into sentence, a glimpse into anatomy,
some smell into metaphor.
Come lie on my floor.
Come lounge on my couch.
Working two-by-two, we will compose instant choreographies made specifically for the senses of the other. Tuned towards and into sound, touch, taste, sight and smell we will practice “Sensory Literacy”, a moving-into-writing score that has, in the past, generated material for performance.

Cred - Guidad av Zoë Poluch, baserad på en praktik som var utvecklad tillsammans med Cara Tolmie

Zoë Poluch has the capacity to make the most simple questions into complex investigations, and thus the format of a bio into an impossible endeavour. With an artistic practice that puts into motion different mediums and that takes shape in different rooms, her deeply critical eye for the contemporary dance scene is based on a long term and practice-based interest in the politics of moving and sensing. As she teaches, dances, talks, writes and thinks, she does it with a precise gymnastics of the senses. She looks forward to the far future, perhaps 2070, when she will inaugurate a dance company for dancing people over 70 years old and tour on a solar airplane to all the big stages of the world. In the past, she studied, trained and worked in Canada and Belgium and could be found dancing and performing on big and small stages, kind of all over. More recently, this has included extensive commitments to collaborations with Hanako Hoshimi-Caines and Elisa Harkins, another one with Kim Coleman and Cara Tolmie, performing and making The Knife’s “Shaking the Habitual” concert/show, her own solo “Example”, “On Air” with Nadja Hjorton, dancing in “Splendour” by Stina Nyberg and regurgitating history together with the feminist choreographic project “Samlingen". Zoë is currently Assistant Professor in Contemporary Dance at Uniarts, in Stockholm.

Foto: Cara Tolmie